Barbara Ellis

“MacKinney, a skilled wordsmith, created work containing insight, humor and a keen sense of observation.  His columns for The Denver Post were well written, solidly reasoned and researched. Most of all, they were immensely readable, standing up on the page next to the likes of noted pundits E.J. Dionne Jr. and Colorado’s own Ed Quillen.”

Kathleen Duff

“MacKinney consistently writes with conciseness, clarity and creativity. Readers can expect a twist on each page that grabs the attention and won’t let go. Plus — as I’ve witnessed for the six years we’ve worked together — publishers and editors can count on the utmost relevance, quality, professionalism and attention to detail.”

Alison Kemper

Like My Father Before Me goes straight to the heart of what makes us human — empathy, passion, justice and loyalty — through the eyes of characters you won’t forget long after the breathtaking conclusion.”